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I think I listened to every importer of electronic organs’ choice installations in my search for an acceptable home practice organ. I always started with one stop: the Open Diapason 8 on the Great. Some “sampled” organs seemed to be nothing of the kind, the digitally synthesized specimen was quite good, but still lacking verisimilitude. By chance, someone mentioned Content, so I strolled over to the website and was hooked. This was before the launch of the Cantata 240, Celeste 236 and Clavis 224, in the days of the 4000 & 5000 series organs. Classical Organs of Cornwall who import them unchanged arranged for me to try one close to me. I wanted to take it away then and there. Particularly on the Baroque organ set, the Werck 8’, 4’ and 2’ principals individually and in combination are superb and just 8’ principal and flute with 4’ principal is wonderful for learning music on. The clarity is wonderful, and years of learning music on clapped out (“past their play-by date!”) octopods is now over.
The facility to edit certain parameters of the stops is useful. I found one set’s 8’ Stopped Diapason on the soft side, so to balance the Swell’s 8’ flute I beefed it up the volume a bit.
I usually leave the acoustic set to something unresonant, using the console position. But it’s nice to treat oneself at the end of a practice session, and just wallow in a Cavaillé-Coll fonds 8 or Voix Céleste for a few moments. As one who plays many different organs in a variety of acoustics, the different acoustic position selection has been so useful – I played last week in a tiny Norman church, and at the end of the month I play in Guildford Cathedral – in judging tempi in advance.

Philip Bailey


We ordered our Mondri organ from Classical Organs Cornwall by recommendation. Although we were ordering from Hong Kong, the service we received was first class and it duly arrived, built to our specifications and in perfect condition. It continues to delight our congregation and has already been used for two very successful organ recitals. It proves to be a good teaching instument has also encouraged a number of our students to take up organ playing. I cannot express how impressed I am with this company.

Rev'd W Robertson -
Diocesan Boys' School

Christopher at the Content

I just have to say that every time I sit down and play my Content organ I am simply staggered by the sound - my amazement does not diminish with time!

When we were investigating which digital organ to buy, my wife and I were constantly aware of the naturalness and spaciousness of the sound of a Content organ - they simply sounded like real organs, with nothing over done, everything balanced and in good taste, whether it was in Baroque mode with the glorious sounds of a Schnitger, or Romantic with the the immense and powerful sound of a Cavaillé-Coll in a Cathedral, the versatile and elegant sound of a 19th century Dutch organ or the beautiful singing quality of the 8' and 4' diapasons and full swell of an English organ. It is also tremendous fun to have all those extra sounds as well!" For some reason I find that I am learning so much more repertoire now......

Christopher & Michino Woolmer


It is wonderful to have everything working as it should.

Shut you're eyes and imagine the you are at Notre Dame in Paris.

Just as a top class cathedral organ should be.

With controls like this you can play anything.

Pity it will not make a cup of tea.

I wish that stopped dispason was on the organ I play.

I didn't realise it was a digital organ. I thought that you had just moved the keyboard.

If you have someone interested feel free to send them along. Even if you are unable to make it I will be delighted to show it to them.

I could show them a Viscount and they can compare. No contest.

Martyn Squire