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Cantate 354

  • Three Keyboards
  • 30 Notes
  • 54 Stops
  • Console

The pipe organ was the inspiration from which emerged the new and versatile Cantate. Four different sound characters to ensure that you can enjoy the most beautiful organ works of different organ cultures with an organ. The Cantata is identical to the Cantate 354, 354 R with roller cover. Innovative technology: the invention developed in the home content technology allows an adequate and excellent sound with an unparalleled, high-quality playback with digital amplifiers. The newly designed convolution reverb brings you an unexpected acoustic an impressive sense of space, from room home to a large Cathedral.


As the first manufacturer, content allows to set a virtual position of organist. A breakthrough. In addition, optimal sound results ensures the multi-channel amplifier, speaker and an integrated surround system. The future is now here: some of the important characteristics of the Cantate 354 R are a balanced capacity and a highly refined sound definition. An organ of the future. Not only because of the opportunities, but also as a unit in the field of optics and use of solid wood. The organ is contemporary and up to date, also in terms of energy consumption in the manufacturing and application. Music is the language of the soul, so that you can dream a moment and enjoy. Experience the quality of the Cantate 354 R.


Built and developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts of the organ.