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Cantate 246 (R)

  • Two Keyboards
  • 30 Notes
  • 46 Stops
  • Length Console


Inspired by various beautiful and historic pipe organs, Content Organs has developed the all new

Cantate 246(R). An entirely new concept and technology offers four distinct voicing characters in one single instrument. You will be amazed at the wonderful sound and authentic realism when performing great organ works from around the world. It is now possible to select a timbre more closely related to the instrument on which the music was originally composed.

Our own Research and Development team have created the state of the art Invention Technology, allowing the realisation of unparalleled quality sound reproduction. The newly developed convolution type reverberation creates a spacious acoustical environment that is second to none: from the acoustics of a small chapel to an impressive cathedral. As a first, Content Organs allow a virtual positioning of the organist throughout the church – a breakthrough. In addition, top of the line multi channel digital amplifiers, an integrated 3D Surround System and high quality loudspeakers create an overwhelming sound that will inspire for many years to come.

Ready for the future
The Cantate 246(R) features a well balanced and delicate tonal definition, whether it be a soft registration or Full Organ. The authentic individual stops build into stunning choruses. An organ for the future, available today.
Design, technology and features are combined in a superb well-built console to suit every setting. The instrument meets stringent standards in energy consumption, both in production and daily use. Now is the time to discover the Cantate 246(R) – developed and built by organists for organists of every ability.